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About the Artist

Hello! I'm an honors undergrad computer science student attending University of Connecticut. More so, I'm a perpetual doodler who's obsessed with pseudo-scientific illustration and worldbuilding.

I enjoy brainstorming and creating inspiring work using pretty much any medium. I've been illustrating professionally for the past six years and specialize in turning ideas and concepts into detailed, professional designs. Because my work is also my hobby, I have multiple personal projects in the works revolving around theoretical biology and metaphysical civilizations (about as interesting as it sounds--I think it's pretty neat).

People often ask why I chose to study programming instead of design. Mostly, it's because I'm confident enough in my abilities to independently further my career and skills without seeking academic classes. Undoubtedly, I'll continue to study art regardless of my future plans. I also enjoy learning new things--especially when those things allow me to express my creativity in a uniquely different way. I already have plans for multiple websites (including this one), and possible dabbling in game design if I'm able.

TL;DR: I'm a passionate, detail-orientated creator who loves to tackle interesting and challenging concepts and help bring them to life. If you're interested in working with me, please introduce yourself in an email. I'd love to get down to business.